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Client Stories

I have seen Marsha train in the gym. I knew she was a strength coach from another member. At this time, I had been working with one of the trainers for 4 months, with almost no results.  I was so frustrated. I finally decided after my sessions were up to make a change. I have been working with her for 2 months. I have lost 33lbs and building sexy muscle. I could not have asked for a better mental and physical coach.
     -  Annette S. Silverthorne Co

When I started with Marsha, I was on 8 different medications daily and my M.D wanted me to add two more.  This is when I had my wakeup call and had enough!  We worked on my nutrition and exercise. I even learned how to cook healthy meals that are delicious. After 6 months of her guidance, I feel great!!  I am also off 5 of my medications and soon off the others.
     -  Cynthia H., Austin, TX

I weighed 119lbs when I started working with Marsha. She is an incredible trainer that really listens and understand what her clients needs are.  I have gained all muscle at 165 lbs and with 5% body fat.
     -   Tom Pearce, Salon and Spa Owner

What an incredible team. Everyone is so knowledgeable and so inspiring.  -  David G Frisco, CO
I was referred to Marsha by a friend that worked with her 2 years ago. I needed to lose 100 pounds according to my Dr. This was a life or death situation. In fact, my doctor told me I will not live to see 50 if I didn't do something now  It was very scary to think I will not be around for my wife and kids. I have now been working with Marsha for 7 months and have lost 72lbs and getting ready for my second 5K.  She is now working with my wife who is entering her first fitness contest this summer.
     -  Keith M. Austin, TX

My husband has transformed his body and health working with Marsha. They were both playing hockey when he injured himself during a game. She went to help him. Becoming his strength coach after. I saw what she accomplished with him and I wanted to see what she could do with me. When I started working with her, I was at 37% body fat and 45lbs over my ideal weight.  I am now at 15% body fat and can see muscle and definition. We both look and feel 10 years younger. Thank you for changing our lives!
     -  Stacy M, Austin, TX

Marsha tore her ACL off her Femur bone. She has postponed having surgery and is now doing rehabilitation and strengthen on her own, in hopes of avoiding the knife. I have never seen anyone work so hard and have the best attitude through all of this. She agreed to help me with my knee injury next.  
     -  Randy S Erie CO

During my pregnancy I gained 48lbs. I am a competitve athlete, and after my little one was born, I did not recognize myself. I was flabby and looked awful. After looking at Marsha's card and site for 4 months, I finally contacted her.  We have been working together for almost 3 months now. I am 4lbs away from my pre-pregnancy body weight and almost ready to compete again.  
     -  Mary  Vail,Colorado

I asked Marsha to mentor me in preparation for coaching college hockey. I cannot thank you enough for all your time. You are truly a one of a kind mentor and motivator. - A.J  Austin,TX
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