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What I Do and Where I've Been.
About Marsha

Marsha has been one of the top training coaches for the past 15 years in several major cities. Being a competitive athlete herself,she knows what it takes to succeed.  

Most of her clientele find her through referrals or after a person has tried everything else to no avail. She has clients allover the U.S and even a few outside of the U.S. From moms wanting to get in shape to professional athletes competing against the world.

She has over 20 years of experence and has devoted her life to working to improve the health and fitness levels of hundreds of clients..Her experience allows her to create unique programs and experiences for her clients. This has resulted in long-lasting and ongoing relationships for delivering such great results. 

Marsha has developed several state-of-the-art methods that work by dramatically speeding up client results by movements and various techniques that maximizes lean muscle definition and strength. 

When you hit your goals you will have gained the knowledge to apply on your own to continue to improve. Her clients learn something in every session. Marsha will
 keep you accountable
motivate and guide you to where you want to be.   

HomeAbout MarshaServicesContact MePhotosClient Stories